You shall never attain the heighest virtue of fifth until you spend in charity from that which you love

Who we are?

B DESH Foundation, Inc is a non-profit charitable organization involved in poverty alleviation, health and sanitation and educational projects. B Desh Foundation, Inc. is an IRS approved 501c3 organization.

  1. Natural Disaster Relief  a. Food Bank; 
  2. Poverty Alleviation Projects  a. Peering Empowerment; b. Ramadan Food Basket;
  3. Educational projects   a. Vocational Training and Workshops; b. Multi- Media programs;
  4. Health and Sanitation Projects  a. Tube Wells and Sanitary Latrines;

Natural Disaster Relief

  • The purpose of these projects is to provide food, shelters, palatable water to the victims of major natural disasters in Bangladesh and in the USA.
  • Activities during any major natural disaster are planned to be conducted on a case by case basis by local NGOs which we will be cooperating with.
  • In general the activities will be related to immediate need for the survival of the victims, such as food assistance, water purification, temporary shelter and tents erection etc.
  • Food and water will be purchased from the local market at the time of the disaster with the funds raised in the aftermath of the natural disaster or from our existing funds which could be mobilized immediately.
  • The purpose of the activity is to empower the participants of the program to guide them on their agricultural business ventures financed and monitored by our partner NGOs.

Poverty Alleviation Projects

Our Peering Empowerment program is a VC (venture capital) financing model designed to encourage breeding new entrepreneurs. We are going to assist individuals who have the idea or a skill set but do not have enough capital to start up their business. Our partner NGO will peer up with a new entrepreneur in need of assistance, finance the project and act as an incubator to help individual’s initial business setup.

After the business or product is matured (agreed upon by both parties) and it is time to market (one year or two years), proceeds of the sold product will be shared between the beneficiary of the program and the NGO. In the event of a loss, new entrepreneurs will not be responsible for taking any financial responsibilities.

Educational projects

Vocational training and workshops provided will be limited to the agricultural programs undertaken in the respective locality. The group education activities will be open to the masses. Any citizen of our project area may apply for our vocational training programs which are yet to be determined.

As an example, the trainings and workshops will be related to understanding of agricultural projects as well as in horticulture and poultry or fish farming. We would bring in experts on certain agricultural field to coach individuals on some traits or show relevant videos on, for instance, how to cultivate high yielding vegetables in local fields.

The number of groups and individuals in each group in each locality will depend on the members of the community willing to get involved and is currently undetermined.

As part of our educational activities we are going to raise awareness of socio-economic conditions via multimedia programs. The organization will try to use already existing multimedia materials or create the materials as necessary.

We will mostly focus on the following:
  1. Better and healthy living;
  2. Agricultural training;
  3. Animal husbandry, etc.

Health and Sanitation Projects

The purpose of this project is to better the living conditions of local population in Bangladesh. Today, most people in rural Bangladesh do not have access to basic sanitation services. This has a profound effect on their health, economic and social well-being.

The B Desh Foundation will be installing tube wells and sanitary latrines with the help of local NGOs which will identify locations and number of necessary wells and latrines. The local NGO will assist us in selecting a reliable construction company. We will ensure transparency in their selection process. We will have no direct involvement in the construction process. Our participation will be limited to funding and monitoring the progress of the project. We will ensure our funds are spent for the project and projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Our Mission:

The mission of the B Desh Foundation, Inc. is to serve humanity and seek almightily Allah’s pleasure through natural disaster relief, poverty alleviation, health and sanitation and educational projects.

The purpose of the B Desh Foundation, inc. is to assist the citizens of the world. For now, our focus is for projects in Bangladesh and in the United States.

Our vision is to ensure fellow human being can realize their dream, ensure children growing up in a healthy environment, get education, and live in a developed and a peaceful world.

B Desh Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors and Officers:

  1. President – Mir Ali
  2. Chief Executive Officer – Sohel Ahmed
  3. Secretary – Syed A. Hossain
  4. Treasurer - Syed Qayum
  5. CTO & International Relation Officer – Mohammed Mohibullah
  6. Personal Relation Officer – Masud Hasan