Main causes of blindness Cataract (80%), refractive
error, macular degeneration,
uncorrected aphakia

Number of cataract operations
performed annually 120,000

Most cases of blindness are treatable or avoidable. Many people unnecessarily become and remain blind due to extreme poverty and lack of awareness of cataract blindness. The health situation of the Bangladeshi people remains poor by world standards and is exacerbated by widespread poverty.

Bdesh Foundation Conducts Eye Camps in Different Districts of Bangladesh

Number of ophthalmologists
in Bangladesh 626

Reasons for low cataract
surgical rates and backlog
Lack of trained eye health
personnel and public

BDesh Foundation
Partners with Eye
Hospital & Clinics
to Provide Low Cost
Cataract Surgery

Bdesh Foundation Eye Camps Provide:

  • Basic Heath Screening
  • Basic Eye Examination
  • Screening for Cataract Surgery
  • Free Medication
  • Free Cataract Surgery
  • After Surgery Follow ups

Childhood blindness
rate annually