You shall never attain the heighest virtue of fifth until you spend in charity from that which you love

Food Bank

It's a food reserve bank for the rainy day. Most of the Bangladesh is a flood prune area, recently Bangladesh had a devastated flood and cyclone. Most of the poor family lives in hand to mouth, so when the calamity strikes their first resort become to go to the money lenders and loan the money with very high interest rates. The objective of the food bank is to provide the food security during the time of calamity as well as when there is a food shortage due to bad harvest.

Food bank is under the Shobuz polly (Economic empowerment) project. The member of the Shobuz polly deposits small cash every month toward the food bank program. This program works to provide social security where people are helped when the help is needed most.

This is a ongoing program where Bdesh Foundation has helped many families in recent months when the food price was very high.

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