You shall never attain the heighest virtue of fifth until you spend in charity from that which you love

Health Care

Our primary objective is to have a healthy and wealthy society. Our health care program is more focus on the proactive measurement. Hundreds of families suffer diarrhea and cholera from not having clean drinkable water and from poor sanitation.

In recent month we have installed 72 sanitation facilities which will help hundreds of families. Our goal is to install another 100 sanitation facilities in coming months and to install 10 more Tube wells.

We also like to start a health card program similar to food bank where Shomity members will deposit small sums and earn point against it.

There will be a network of Doctors who will also participate under this program and the participant members will pay only the co-pay in their visit to doctor. The rest of the bill will be paid by the Health Care Card program.

Eye Camp:

Bdesh with partnership with Bandhu unnoyon shangsta has performed an eye camp program in early 2010. We are currently reviewing a grant application to operate 500 free eye exams and cataract removal procedure to poor elderly citizens of Bangladesh.

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