An Appeal for Rohingya Relief Old
Donation for Rohingya Bangladesh

An Appeal for Rohingya Relief

Since August 25, 2017, the Burmese military has committed killings, rapes, arbitrary arrests, and mass arson of homes in hundreds of predominantly Rohingya villages in northern Rakhine State, forcing more than 700,000 Rohingya to flee to neighboring Bangladesh. Human Rights Watch has found that this abuse amounts to crimes against humanity under international law.

  • 52% of the women surveyed by the United Nations were raped
  • More than 40% children are orphans

BDesh Foundation has working partners in Bangladesh who are authorized to work inside the Rohingya camps and assess the needs of authorized camps:

  • Your efforts will help refugee brothers and sisters in the Ukhia Camp, Kutupalong Camp, and other remote camps close to the Bangladesh Myanmar border area.

In December of 2017 the Founder of Dar-El-Salam Travel Haji Moustafa and Executive Imam of ADAMS Center Mohamed Magid traveled to the Rohingya Refugee Camps in Cox’s Bazaar. They volunteered and saw in person the hard work and dedication the BDesh partners have put into the Rohingya Camps. You can recapture some of their experience in the video above.

How Can You Help?

BDesh Foundation currently has three different projects on the grounds. You can donate to any of the projects below and they are also eligible for zakah and sadaqa! Below are baseline notes on each project and package/donation costs:

1. Child Care Centers:

More than 36,000 orphans are now living in the 12 camps in Cox’s Bazaar Bangladesh. Your Zakah and Sadaqa can help BDesh build six Child Care Centers to provide a better environment for Rohingya refugees. The children will learn English and Burmese alphabets and numbers. The Shobuj Polly Child Care Centers will be followed by government and UNICEF, UNHCR curriculum. All students of this project will be selected from orphan and destitute Rohingya families who are deprived from education, nutrition and primary health care. School management committees will be formed with 7-9 members comprised of teacher, parents, religious leader(s), etc. Your Donation Will Provide:

  • Health Care
  • Nutritional Food
  • Clothes/Shoes
  • Education
  • Books
  • Backpacks
  • School Supplies…   Much more!

2. Project Women’s Care:

Burmese security forces have committed widespread rape against women and girls as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing against Rohingya Muslims in Burma’s Rakhine State – Human Rights Watch stated in a report. Fifteen-year-old Hala Sadak, from Hathi Para village in Maungdaw Township, said soldiers had stripped her naked and then dragged her from her home to a nearby tree where, she estimates, about 10 men raped her from behind. She said, “They left me where I was…when my brother and sister came to get me, I was lying there on the ground, they thought I was dead.”

BDesh’s focus is to improve women’s health and financial well-being. Project Women Care provides women with primary health care, sanitary hygiene aid, livelihood initiatives, etc.

Your Zakah and Sadaqa can help to rebuild the lives of Rohingya women.

Donate today! Average cost per:

Sewing Machine: $125 US Dollars
Shower Facility: $100 US Dollars
Hygiene kit: $25 US Dollars
Medical Care: $25-$100 US Dollars

3. Project Medical Care:

Our partnered medical team takes care of refugee medical needs ranging from: paramedics, OB/GYN needs, medicine, vaccinations, surgical services, etc.

Through our partnership with IMANA, we’re sponsoring 4 medical centers in Kutipalong Rohingya Refugee camp. With IMANA’s partnership, we’re able to provide mobile medical clinic support and ambulance services to thousands of patients. Each day we’re serving an average of 750-800 patients. We’re now providing services six days/week except Fridays and other holidays. Most of the doctors have been provided through our local partner NGO and their affiliated organization.

Donate today! Average cost per:

Tube Well – $500 US Dollars
Sanitary Latrine – $50 US Dollars
Women’s Shower Facility – $100 US Dollars
Primary Medical Care Per 100 Patients – $500 US Dollars
Critical Need Patients – $100 US Dollars

Please consider donating to the Rohingya Appeal during the month of Ramadan and beyond. The families need as much support as possible and you can help make a difference.

You can send your checks payable to BDesh Foundation at the following address:

BDesh Foundation, Inc. 6 Silo Mill CT Sterling, VA 20164 USA

4. WASH Project (Water and Sanitation)

Project Details: This project aims at providing new tube wells, proper restroom facilities, and special shower facilities for women and adolescent girls with proper privacy. This project will serve about 150,000 people. How can you support?

  • Each Tube well cost about $500
  • Each Toilet unit cost about $50
  • Each Shower facility cost about $100

Need Help?

If you need help making a donation, you can contact:

    (571) 306-2523