Children Care Program

Children Care Program

Today’s children are leaders of tomorrow. Unfortunately, the socio-economic environment plays a significant role in children growth and their development as future leaders. Our mission is to create a lasting, positive change in the lives of children in need around the world. DONATE

It is hard to imagine that a newborn baby will be abandoned by a parent soon after the birth. Unfortunately, it is a reality for some children in Bangladesh. Some newborn babies are helplessly left out in hospitals, clinics and even on the street.

Indeed, millions of children are orphaned in Bangladesh and around the world. These children need your help and love for a healthy growing environment. BDesh Foundation recognizes that life is a gift from Almighty Allah (SWT) and every human being has the right to live a dignified and happy life.

Our goal is to ensure that children in need grow up protected, educated, healthy, well-nourished, and are able to thrive in an economically secure environment. With your help, many children from Bangladesh could be saved from working in child labor and receive an opportunity to grow up in a healthy, educated environment. BDesh Foundation delivers your donations directly to the affected children by providing them with necessities such as food, shelter, health care, clothing, and education.

There are 20 million children of primary school age in Bangladesh:

  • 16.1 million are enrolled in primary school.
  • Only 10 million attend regularly
  • Only 5 million will achieve basic literacy and numeracy by the age of 10.

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