Monir Alam

Monir Alam

Myanmar  |  
Boy   |  
9 years  07/26/2011   |  


Monir Alam living in the village with his family. His father was a respected person in the community.

Even though they have been living in the Rakhaine state in Burma( Myanmar) for centuries but their family had never been provided citizenship, any opportunities for education of children, assistance for food or access to medical and health related services.

One August night of 2017 Burmese Army raid Monir Alam village and torture his father, raped his mother and killed his father in front of him.

Monir Alam never forget that horrific night. A trauma haunt him every day now, he often have nightmare.

Your sponsorship will heal his trauma, give him a new hope of living. Be the part of his life.