Shobuj Polly (Green Village)
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Shobuj Polly (Green Village)

A Sustainable Livelihood and Community Development Program

The world has been witness to a plethora of antipoverty innovations some of which such as micro-investment and conditional cash transfers have gone on to win critical global acclaim. While these have contributed to significant transformation of poverty realities, the scourge of extreme poverty is far from being eliminated.

BDesh Foundation’s Shobuj Polly program is focused on Sustainable poverty alleviation and a community development projects. The main characteristic of the program:

BDesh Foundation’s Shobuj Polly program provide management services for mobilization & distribution of Zakah & Sadaqah fund under an institutionalized approach. Here are few Key Performance indicators that we are monitoring through this program.

Shomila a Shobujpolly member dreams for a better tomorrow

Shomola Khatun, the mother of two children, married and live in a village call Anandipur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh.

Like many women in the rural villages, she also got married when she was only sixteen years old. Her husband Abul Kashem Hasu had no job and there were no good job perspective in the village other than day laborer. That made the young Shomola to find a garments job in Dhaka about 90 miles away from her village.

After having her second child, she quit the job and came back to Village and start working as maid.

When she came to know about the BDesh Foundation’s Shobujpolly program in her village, she became the member of one of the Shobujpolly Co-ops and got her first grant of $250 to start up her enterprise.

She started an organic farming with her investment and bought a rickshaw van for her husband to earn livelihood for the family.

Now her $250 startup investment grew many folds, recently she leased a large land to grow vegetables and expand her organic vegetable farming and sell it to local bazaars.

Shomola now own a small piece of land; Her business capital is now more than $1317

Her life has changed, Shomola dreams big now, soon she wants to rent a store in Mymenshing town and have her permanent vegetable shop there, she also wants to buy cow to produce milk.

She send both of her children to School, and she hopes both of her children would one day memorize the entire Quran.


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